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2014-2018, Unbuilt

An elderly couple wanted a weekend beach house that could serve as a private retreat from the city, as well as accommodate large groups of visitors for dinner parties. In essence, the project had to serve as a Villa in the countryside as well as a beachfront party venue. This dichotomy in program served as a point of departure for the formal development of the house. Similar to a mannerist villa, the figures that compose the rooms of the residence are arranged on a nine square grid. However, breaking from conventional tradition, the void spaces are not revealed by poche, but rather, the poche is reviled by the interstitial space between the voids. The void spaces are not confined within an overarching form, but rather the form is derived through the conglomeration of the figural voids. The result is a house that has elements of classical order as well as the whimsical vernacular of Long Island beach houses. Despite the structures chaotic perimeter, the residence finds its formal resolution when viewed frontally. From the street the house displays more traditional characteristics, appearing as a rectangular volume with large French windows evenly distributed between protruding brick belt courses. The Beachfront façade exhibits more modern elements, such as ribbon windows that allow panoramic views of the ocean.